Concato Gilberto: Excellence in Wet Blue.

Guaranteeing Quality. Always.

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47 years

We are committed to maintaining the high quality that has always distinguished Concato in the market for semifinished leathers, while keeping a close eye on innovations to benefit our products and the environment.

A passion for our work

We check, monitor and manage the materials at every step of the production process, to guarantee a quality end product, prompt delivery and customer satisfaction.

Customer support

Our long experience, know-how and organisational method help us fulfil our customers’ requirements. We are committed to reliability.

Our work

Concato’s core business is the production and sale of split leathers and bottom splits used in footwear, leather goods, furniture, automotive interiors and clothing and for the production of suede leathers.


The production process

The production process is constantly monitored: from the selection of materials through to the semifinished product delivered ready-to-use to the customer, with the required specification, quality and quantity.

processo produttivo

The statistics speak for themselves

Company founded


Warehouse space (m2)


Skins selected per day


Our strengths

gioco di squadra


puntualità e precisione

Prompt and precise

qualità e controllo

Quality controls

consolidamento dei nuovi articoli

Consolidation of new product lines

eccellenza nei rivestimenti

Specialists in crust hides for automotive interiors

47 anni di esperienza

47 years of experience





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