A winning team

The success of our products and services is due to a team of people that, working in synergy, can capture the market innovations with foresights, in order to be competitive and innovative

Punctuality and precision

Thanks to the wide and various stock availability of raw materials, we can meet any kind of request, even the most urgent.

Quality and inspection

Most of our energies are concentrated on controlling all processing stages, that are necessary to achieve the final product. This is the only way to ensure the usual quality required by our customers, and that we are used to supply.

NEW ITEMS Consolidation

Once a new product is created, we guarantee its absolute repeatability. This means that, even after years, the supply of that item will always be the same as the first item, becoming a standard.


Over the years, we developed specific expertise on the supply of leather for automotive market. Our materials are applied on covering the steering wheels, headrests, armrests, gear lever and fan gear, dashboards, and doors covering panels.

40 years activity

Experience generates competence. In 40 years activity we gained the technical/practical know-how that, for customers, means reliability of products and quality of our service.